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I thought I would share some of my favourite things about BC's best kept secret: the Sunshine Coast. A place I am passionate about. A place I call home. The Sunshine Coast  is my chosen place of work. (If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me "why don't you go work in the city?!", I would be retiring). So I'll go ahead and answer that exact question with some of my own reasons. Bear with me, there's a few!

  • Hiking
    The great outdoors! I have lived on the Sunshine Coast for over 11 years, and still have trails to discover on this picturesque 180km stretch of land from Gibsons to Lund. It's indescribable to stand on what feels like the top of the world, standing on the edge of a beautiful view, the unshakable feeling of your own piece of heaven. It's important to balance a busy lifestyle with much needed breaks, and what better place to spend them than in the trails that are practically in your own backyard. 

    My dog and I on a hike up Soames Hill.

  • Beaches

The Sunshine Coast includes some of the most amazing beaches. It offers a variety of sand stretched beaches perfect for summer sunbathing, pebble covered beaches for winter walking, and beautiful stretches of log covered beaches perfect for relaxing around a beach fire. Along the coast line there seems to be a beach access point around every corner, ready to be discovered! 

A fall day on Bonniebrook Beach in Gibsons


  • Community
    Ask anybody on the Sunshine Coast what their favorite things about this place are, I guarantee you "community" will be in their top 10. Dotted with little towns up the Coast that exude charm and character, there is something about the way people treat each other, help each other, and participate in community events no matter what the occasion. There are many volunteer organizations, sports clubs, outdoor groups, and community driven events (to name a few!) that help make up our identity as a self-sustainable community that cares about its neighbours. Walk down the street and feel welcome as most people give you a nod or a smile in passing. 

    A fellow Realtor, Krista and I raising money for the Salvation Army Kettle Fund.
  • Persephone Brewing Company
    Who doesn't love locally made craft beer? I sure do! Housed in a big red barn on a large parcel of agricultural land, Persephone has developed itself as one of the most popular places on the Sunshine Coast to meet friends, enjoy a flight of craft beer over a board game, or walk the grounds that boast beautiful landscape and a pond to sit around and watch the hops grow. Just a short drive of about five minutes when you drive off the ferry, Persephone is worth checking out!

    Isn't this the cutest place you have ever seen?
  • Food
    If you're like me and love good food and drinks, the Sunshine Coast has a lot to offer in the way locally owned restaurants, pubs, and coffeeshops. If you are looking for an unreal water view to enjoy over your cocktail and appetizer, there are many restaurants that can offer that. If you are looking for more of a "downtown" feel, with loungy interiors and comfort food, we can do that also. The nice thing about the restaurant scene on the Sunshine Coast is that it is a small town, therefore everyone tries to be diverse and do something different from the next person. 

    One of my favorite places to unwind in a booth beside a fireplace, Shift in Sechelt.
  • Outdoor sports
    The Sunshine Coast is an absolute hub for the pursuit of outdoor sport lover. In the summer, paddleboard and kayak through the waters of Howe Sound, weaving through picturesque islands while curious seals pop up around you. In the winter, drive or shuttle up to Dakota Ridge to enjoy snowshoeing and cross-country skiing with views of the lower Coast. Sound too good to be true? Come see for yourself! Coast Gravity Park offers everything for the downhill biking enthusiast as well, there is something for everyone. Salty's Adventure Sports in Robert's Creek can help you with any of your outdoor sport needs all year round. 

    A summer day on the water, paddleboarding in Porpoise Bay. 
  • Close proximity to the city
    I love the Sunshine Coast (obviously!) but don't get me wrong, I also love a day or two in the city. My home in Gibsons is only a short drive to the ferry, in under 10 minutes I can be on my way to the city. 40 minutes on the ferry isn't so bad when you can grab a snack and a coffee and enjoy the amazing views. No wonder there are tons of daily commuters on that first ferry, it sure beats sitting in traffic! Feel like heading to Whistler instead? A day trip is totally doable, drive off the ferry and head onto the famous Sea to Sky Highway and under an hour and a half you're breathing in Whistler air.  

    BC Ferries pulling into the dock.
  •  Lower Gibsons
    If I had to tell you what my favorite part of town on the Sunshine Coast is, it would have to be Lower Gibsons. Famous for being the film set for The Beachcombers, the longest running Canadian TV series, no wonder it is popular among tourists and other visitors. Walk along the boardwalk past shops, restaurants, coffeeshops, museums and artisan stands. Real estate is a dream in this area, close to the ferry, just outside of downtown Gibsons, and affordable at a fraction of the price of Vancouver waterfront. 

    Lower Gibsons pier: a perfect place to watch the sunset with some gelato in hand. 

    I hop you enjoyed my list, I have about 24325 more reasons (maybe I should write a book!) You get the gist of it, I love where I live and work!



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