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Hi everyone!


Well here it goes, my first blog post! The start of a new year is always exciting, setting new goals, executing new ideas, and the feeling of starting fresh. Instead of the classic resolutions that start with "no more...", "cutting out...", or a well intended start to do something five days a week when you currently do them a whopping total of zero (what is Tai Chi anyways?!), I prefer attainable small goals. I am lucky to live in one of the most desirable, beautiful places in Canada (okay maybe I'm biased!), but I would love to do more. Plain and simple: Do More. Why did I become a Realtor here and not in the city? What do I want to proudly show off to clients who are relocating to the Sunshine Coast? The amazing place I live! I'm already an avid hiker and enjoy nature, but I would love to be more involved in my local community. Being active in the community is important; it allows me to not only have the chance to do my part, but also meet people and connect. I believe no matter how hard you work at being a Realtor, connecting with people is the turning key to a successful business, much more so than the countless hours you put in behind your computer. Good thing it's something I enjoy! The Sunshine Coast offers some of the most amazing hikes with views, wildlife, waterfalls, beaches, cliffs, snowy peaks, and too many other unreal things to name. Getting up an hour earlier to start my day to experience some of these more often than I am now is a goal to look forward to (it sure sounds better than cutting out sugar). It's far too easy to get caught up in the "I'm too busy" mindset. 

Of course there's the cliche 'health resolution'. I dabbled a bit into Yoga the past few years, picking up a class here and there. One of my goals this year is to attend Yoga classes regularely, and I have set it up to do so a few days a week with colleagues from my office. This way I'm held accountable and it's a great way to incorporate health into my lifestyle. 

Back to what I said earlier about connecting with people, what is more important than your friends and family? It's important to make time for the people close to you, they are the ones who support you, love to watch you chase your dreams, and are always a good laugh over a glass of wine! 

Another small goal: use a planner! I recently started to use my planner more and more, and I hope to write EVERYTHING important in there this year. No more lost ideas, plans, or that random thought that pops into your head at 3AM that is forgotten the next morning. A clear, organized mind makes for a more streamlined organized life!

Long story with far too much detail short, I would like to make 2016 my best year yet! Thanks for reading, positivity goes a long way and I hope to connect with all of you at some point as friends or clients. Real estate is my passion, let me help you along the way!



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