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Hello everyone! I am writing this blog post while sitting in the Basted Baker cafe in Sechelt, corresponding with several potential buyers, and of course drinking a latte. The past few weeks have been busy, and something that has resonated with me in particular: Buyer's Agents. You know, that person that helps you from beginning to end finding your dream home, the person that works on your behalf solely, the person (or therapist if you prefer!) who talks you off the edge at 11:30 at night when your nerves are shot. Yes us, Buyer's Agents. A lot of misunderstanding floats around when it comes to real estate transactions. Who pays who? Who works for who? Who do we trust with our information to make sure it doesn't work negatively in our favour? These questions are asked on a regular basis, and it's important to have a clear understanding of the home buying process before getting into an agency relationship with a Realtor. With the modern advances of the internet, with listings on Realtor websites, Facebook, Instagram - the list goes on. It begs the question for many: is a Buyer's Agent still necessary? It's no secret, Buyer’s Agents are no longer the gatekeepers of property information. But understanding, evaluating, and presenting that property information to home buyers remains an integral part of an agent’s job. Often times people inquire about a particular listing but say they would prefer to deal with the listing agent. I get it, who knows more info about the property than the listing agent? But when an entire home search is put into motion, interviewing a Realtor to exclusively represent you is beneficial in many ways. Here's an example: if you were getting divorced, would you want your husband/wife's attorney representing you in the same divorce proceedings? When working exclusively on your behalf to find your dream property, we protect your confidential financial information, negotiate solely on your behalf, disclose if we have another Buyer interested in the same property, and work around the clock to help you find a property that best suits your needs. Many Buyers spend every night in bed on their Realtor app browsing listings for hours (admit it - who doesn't!) Often it's the unexpected properties that are suggested by your Realtor because of their expert opinion on the area, and comparable information of particular types of homes, that are the winners. We eat, breathe, sleep real estate. We constantly check the market statistics and new listings. We often have sleeve listings available that are not necessarily public. Remember, we are working for you. It would not be beneficial to myself, the reputation of my business, or the reputation of the Realtor community if I did something that made my client feel uncomfortable or feel as though theyre are not represented properly. If it needs to be explained three times, so be it. Don't be afraid to ask questions and want answers. Entering into an Agency relationship, we owe you a fiduciary duty to do so. We have extensive and continuous training to be as knowledgeable as possible, obtain excellent negotiation skills and can write up that scary offer/counter-offer with ease. Now, who pays the Buyer's Agent? The Seller does. The Seller pays a commission to the Listing Agent, who offers a percentage to the successful Buyer's Agent who brings a Buyer. This does not mean we work for free, our time is as valuable as everyone else. I don't know about you, but for myself, the most valuable things in life are relationships and plain old time. Depending if you are a parent trying to run a household with a toddler on one knee, a bouncing baby on the other, and can't even get to the grass you haven't mowed in a month (no judgement, I don't have kids and my grass is also far too long). Maybe you are spending time focusing on your career, or spend your time off on a yacht in St. Bart's, I mean, we can dream right? Maybe you just bluntly don't care to do any home searching yourself, many Buyer's feel at a loss when it comes to a home search. Call up a Realtor and let them help, it is our job after all!


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